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选词填空:of 前后填名词/动名词



Cet-4-1.1-Exercise 01

In a ___ of 14 studies that looked at physical activity and academic performance, investigators found that the more children moved, the better their grades were in school.






Cet-4-1.1-Exercise 02

Immigrant parents could talk about their country of ___ and why they emigrated to the United States.




选词填空:that 要看先行词 + and/or 语法平行、内涵平衡



Cet-4-1.2-Exercise 01

Those who stay on for an additional two years earn a master’s degree that ___ them as nurse practitioners or clinical specialists.






Cet-4-1.2-Exercise 02

In an analysis of data from eight large previously published studies, a Harvard-led group reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that for every two hours per day spent channel surfing, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes rose 20% over 8.5 years, the risk of heart disease increased 15% over a decade, and the odds of dying prematurely ___ 13% during a seven-year follow-up.







Cet-4-1.3-Exercise 01

In 1991, there were only 40 fast-track curricula; now there are more than 200. Typical is Columbia University’s Entry Practice program. Students earn their bachelor of science in nursing in a year. Those who stay on for an ___ two years earn a master’s degree.






Cet-4-1.3-Exercise 02

By 2010, 70 million Asians are expected to be watching videos and TV programs on mobile phones. All of these activities give advertiser ___ options for reaching audiences. During soccer’s World Cup last summer, for example, Adidas used real-time scores and games to attract thousands of fans to a website set up for mobile-phone access.







Cet-4-1.4-Exercise 01

Through school projects, students can learn to be involved in community projects ___ from planting trees to cleaning up a park to assisting elderly people.






Cet-4-1.4-Exercise 02

Medical schools at Yale and Stanford now have paperless, iPad-based curriculums. “You’ll want an iPad just so you can wear this” is the slogan for one of the new lab coats ___ with large pockets to accommodate tablet computers.





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Cet-4-1.5-Exercise 01

In an analysis of data from eight large ___ published studies, a Harvard-led group reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that for every two hours per day spent channel surfing, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes rose 20% over 8.5 years.






Cet-4-1.5-Exercise 02

It is ___ important that we provide teachers and principals the support they need to help students reach their full potential.




选词填空:填个动词就 OK



Cet-4-1.6-Exercise 01

The U.S. Department of Education is making efforts to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education. Today it is ___ the launch of the Excellent Educators for All Initiative. The initiative will help states and school districts support great educators for the students who need them most.






Cet-4-1.6-Exercise 02

There, among the photos of current faculty members and students, are portraits of the current head of the department, Marjorie Shapiro, and four other women whose research ___ everything from the mechanics of the universe to the smallest particles of matter.







Cet-4-1.7-Exercise 01

C) Soupios, along with his co-author Panos Mourdoukoutas, developed their 10 golden rules by turning to the men behind that philosophy — Aristotle, Socrates, Epictetus and Pythagoras, among others. The first rule — examine your life — is the common thread that runs through the entire book. Soupios says that it is based on Plato’s observation that the unexamined life is not worth living. “The Greeks are always concerned about boxing themselves in, in terms of convictions,” he says. “So take a step back, switch off the automatic pilot and actually stop and reflect about things like our priorities, our values, and our relationships.”

A、According to recent reports and data analyses, boomers suffer most from the weak economy.

B、Michael Soupios suggests that we should stop and think carefully about our priorities in life.



Cet-4-1.7-Exercise 02

J) “This is Hesiod, of course, a younger contemporary poet, we believe, with Homer,” Soupios says. “Hesiod offers an idea — which you very often find in some of the world’s great religions, in the Judeo-Christian tradition and in Islam and others — that in some sense, when you hurt another human being, you hurt yourself. That damaging other people in your community and in your life, trashing relationships, results in a kind of self-inflicted spiritual wound.”

A、Do harm to others and you do harm to yourself.

B、Unemployed boomers are at a disadvantage in job-hunting because employers tend to hire younger workers.




Cet-4-1.8-Exercise 01

J) As I was considering all this, a press release from a respected research firm crossed my desk, announcing that the five-star rating system that Medicare developed in 2008 to help families compare nursing home quality also has little relationship to how satisfied its residents or their family members are. As a matter of fact, consumers expressed higher satisfaction with the one-star facilities, the lowest rated, than with the five-star ones. (More on this study and the star ratings will appear in a subsequent post.)

A、The author has come to agree that food shortages could ultimately lead to the collapse of world civilization.

B、The system Medicare developed to rate nursing home quality is of little help to finding a satisfactory place.



Cet-4-1.8-Exercise 02

C) As demand for food rises faster than supplies are growing, the resulting food-price inflation puts severe stress on the governments of many countries. Unable to buy grain or grow their own, hungry people take to the streets. Indeed, even before the steep climb in grain prices in 2008, the number of failing states was expanding. If the food situation continues to worsen, entire nations will break down at an ever increasing rate. In the 20th century the main threat to international security was superpower conflict; today it is failing states.

A、Increasing water shortages prove to be the biggest obstacle to boosting the world’s grain production.

B、Rather than superpower conflict, countries unable to cope with food shortages now constitute the main threat to world security.




Cet-4-1.9-Exercise 01

L) Of course, sons and daughters want to visit the facilities, talk to the administrators and residents and other families, and do everything possible to fulfill their duties. But perhaps they don’t have to turn themselves into private investigators or Congressional subcommittees. “Families can look a bit more for where the residents are going to be happy,” Dr. Sloane said. And involving the future resident in the process can be very important.

A、The kids at the gathering were more fascinated by the iPads than by the helicopter.

B、Though it helps for children to investigate care facilities, involving their parents in the decision-making process may prove very important.



Cet-4-1.9-Exercise 02

A) Is it possible to enjoy a peaceful life in a world that is increasingly challenged by threats and uncertainties from wars, terrorism, economic crises and a widespread outbreak of infectious diseases? The answer is yes, according to a new book The 10 Golden Rules: Ancient Wisdom from the Greek Philosophers on Living a Good Life. The book is co-authored by Long Island University’s philosophy professor Michael Soupios and economics professor Panos Mourdoukoutas.

A、We can live a peaceful life despite the various challenges of the modern world.

B、The author permits her children to use the screen for at most half an hour a day.




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Cet-4-1.10-Exercise 01

B) Does assisted living really mark a great improvement over a nursing home, or has the industry simply hired better interior designers? Are nursing homes as bad as people fear, or is that an outmoded stereotype? Can doing one’s homework really steer families to the best places? It is genuinely hard to know.

A、It is really difficult to tell if assisted living is better than a nursing home.

B、Sometimes people cannot cry despite genuine grief.



Cet-4-1.10-Exercise 02

C) I am about to make things more complicated by suggesting that what kind of facility an older person lives in may matter less than we have assumed. And that the characteristics adult children look for when they begin the search are not necessarily the things that make a difference to the people who are going to move in. I am not talking about the quality of care, let me hastily add. Nobody flourishes in a gloomy environment with irresponsible staff and a poor safety record. But an accumulating body of research indicates that some distinctions between one type of elder care and another have little real bearing on how well residents do.

A、What kind of care facility old people live in may be less important than we think.

B、Men are less likely to give reasons for their tears.




Cet-4-1.11-Exercise 01

C) A look at what goes on in most classrooms these days makes it abundantly clear that when people think about education, they are not thinking about what it feels like to be a child, or what makes childhood an important and valuable stage of life in its own right.

A、Adults do not consider children’s feelings when it comes to education.

B、People who take benefits from Social Security before official retirement age will get much less for the rest of their lives.



Cet-4-1.11-Exercise 02

B) By the end of the 19th century, as the frontier vanished, the US had a mild panic attack. What would this energetic, enterprising country be without new lands to conquer? Some people, such as Teddy Roosevelt, decided to keep on conquering (Cuba, the Philippines, etc.), but eventually, in industrialization, the US found a new narrative of economic mobility at home. From the 1890s to the 1960s, people moved from farm to city, first in the North and then in the South. In fact, by the 1950s, there was enough prosperity and white-collar work that many began to move to the suburbs. As the population aged, there was also a shift from the cold Rust Belt to the comforts of the Sun Belt. We think of this as an old person’s migration, but it created many jobs for the young in construction and health care, not to mention tourism, retail and restaurants.

A、When the frontier vanished about a century ago, America found new economic mobility in industrialization.

B、Seniors at nursing homes could benefit from the weak job market.




Cet-4-1.12-Exercise 01

F) Many members of the immobile class, on the other hand, live in the America of the gloomy headlines. If you have no specialized skills, there’s little reason to uproot to another state and be the last in line for a low-paying job at a new auto plant or a green-energy startup. The surprise in the census data, however, is that the immobile workforce is not limited to unskilled workers. In fact, many have a college degree.

A、The doer of a good deed can feel spiritually rewarded even when they gain no concrete benefits.

B、The census data is surprising in that college graduates are also among the immobile workforce.



Cet-4-1.12-Exercise 02

G) Older workers are more likely to have a disability of some sort, perhaps limiting the range of jobs that offer realistic choices. They may also be less inclined, at least initially, to take jobs that pay far less than their old positions.

A、Older workers’ choice of jobs can be limited because of disability.

B、How to achieve mental calmness and contentment is well worth our consideration today.




Cet-4-1.13-Exercise 01

G) Back in the 1950s most of us grew up in households where Mom cooked virtually every night. The intention to put a home-cooked meal on the table was pretty much universal. Most people couldn’t afford to do otherwise.

A、People in their fifties and early sixties bear the heaviest family burdens.

B、In the mid-20th century, most families ate dinner at home instead of eating out.



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Cet-4-1.13-Exercise 02

C) And yet we aren’t cooking. If you eat three meals a day and behave like most Americans, you probably get at least a third of your daily calories outside the home. Nearly two-thirds of us grab fast food once a week, and we get almost 25% of our daily calories from snacks. So we’re eating out or taking in, and we don’t sit down — or we do, but we hurry.

A、We get a fairly large portion of calories from fast food and snacks.

B、Ancient philosophers strongly advise that we do good.




Cet-4-1.14-Exercise 01

Do you really need the rich people? Wouldn’t it work to have the government invest in the nerds? No, it would not. Startup investors are a distinct type of rich people. They tend to have a lot of experience themselves in the technology business. This helps them pick the right startups, and means they can supply advice and connections as well as money. And the fact that they have a personal stake in the outcome makes them really pay attention. What does the author say about startup investors?

A、They can do more than providing money.

B、They offered him a chance to know more people.

C、They are rich enough to invest in nerds.

D、They have difficulty following high-tech innovations.



Cet-4-1.14-Exercise 02

There’re few people as self-confident as a college student who has never been out in the real world. People my age always seem to overestimate the value of their time and knowledge. In fact, all the classes did not prepare me for my battles with the machine I ran in the plant, which would jam whenever I absent-mindedly put in a part backward or upside down. What does the author say about college students?

A、They are closely related to physical and mental exercise.

B、They think too highly of themselves.

C、They were unhappy with the bureaucratic administration in their schools.

D、They expect too much from the real world.




Cet-4-1.15-Exercise 01

That sounds like a bad deal for the power company, but it’s not. Solar homes produce the most power on the hot sunny afternoons when everyone rushes home to turn up the air conditioner. “It helps us lower usage at peak power times,” says solar expert Mike Keesee. “That lets us avoid building costly plants or buying expensive power at peak usage time.” What does the “net metering” practice mean to the power company?

A、Less profits in the short term.

B、Try to better the current social security net.

C、Reduced operational costs.

D、Get prepared to face any new challenges.



Cet-4-1.15-Exercise 02

This comfortable cycle, in which the rhythms of the day helped shape the rhythms of the meals, gave rise to the custom of the large midday meal, eaten with the extended family. “Meal are the foundation of the family,” says Carole Counihan, a professor at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, “so there was a very important interconnection between eating together” and strengthening family ties. Since industrialization, maintaining such a slow cultural metabolism has been much harder, with the long midday meal shrinking to whatever could be stuffed into a lunch bucket or bought at a food stand. Certainly, there were benefits. Modern techniques for producing and shipping food led to greater variety and quantity, including a tremendous increase in the amount of animal protein and dairy products available, making us more vigorous than our ancestors. What does “cultural metabolism” refer to?

A、Pace of life.

B、Narrow the gap between blacks and whites.

C、Changes in lifestyle.

D、Domestic violence is lessened.




Cet-4-1.16-Exercise 01

Having such a large supply of talented women teachers meant that society could pay less for their services. Women’s liberation opened up new professional opportunities for women, and, over time, some of the best left teaching as a career option, bringing about a gradual decline in the quality of schooling. Why did some of the best women teachers leave teaching?

A、The heavy teaching loads left them little time and energy for family life.

B、New career opportunities were made available to them by women’s liberation.

C、Women are too worn out to be ambitious.

D、Women are not ready to take management roles.



Cet-4-1.16-Exercise 02

Although Kodak anticipated the inevitable rise of digital photography, its corporate culture was too rooted in the successes of the past for it to make the clean break necessary to fully embrace the future. They were a company stuck in time. Their history was so important to them. Now their history has become a liability. Why do large companies have difficulty switching to new markets?

A、They are exhausted by the information overload.

B、They are unwilling to invest in new technology.

C、They are deeply stuck in their glorious past.

D、They have to move from place to place.




Cet-4-1.17-Exercise 01

“Mass adoption of the Internet is driving one of the most exciting social, cultural, and political transformations in history, and unlike earlier periods of change, this time the effects are fully global.” Schmidt and Cohen write in their new book, The New Digital Age. How do Schmidt and Cohen describe the effects of the Internet?

A、They are worldwide.

B、They are contaminating.

C、They find it costly to give up their existing asserts.

D、They tend to be slow in confronting new challenges.


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Cet-4-1.17-Exercise 02

Aside from the panels on the roof, Premier Gardens looks like a community of conventional homes. But inside, special windows cut power bills by blocking solar heat in the summer and retaining indoor warmth in winter. The rest of the energy savings comes from the solar units. They don’t just feed the home they serve. If they generate more power than the home is using, the excess flows into the utility’s power grid. The residents are billed by “net metering”: they pay for the amount of power they tap off the grid, less the kilowatts they feed into it. If a home generates more power than it uses, the bill is zero. How are the residents in the ZEH communities billed for electricity use?

A、They are confident of their future.

B、They do not get decent pay.

C、They pay for the electricity from the grid less their home-generated power.

D、They only pay for the excess power that flows into the utility’s power grid.

仔细阅读:建议类题型 + 担忧类题型



Cet-4-1.18-Exercise 01

Fierce debating can hurt feelings, particularly when strong personalities are involved. Make sure you check in with your opponents so that they are not carrying the emotion of the battles beyond the battlefield. Break the tension with smiles and humor to reinforce the idea that this is friendly discourse and that all are working toward a common goal. What advice does the author give to people engaged in a fierce debate?

A、They take care not to hurt each other’s feelings.

B、They listen carefully to their opponents’ views.

C、They were a relief from his hard work at school.

D、The third grade marks a new phase of learning.



Cet-4-1.18-Exercise 02

New Yorkers are gradually getting used to more pedaling passengers on those shining blue Citi Bikes. But what about local bike shops? Is Citi Bike rolling up riders at their expense? What is the author’s chief concern about the increasing use of Citi Bikes in New York?

A、Quality has not been the top concern of pre-K programs.

B、How the safety of bike riders can be ensured.

C、Whether local bike shops will suffer.

D、Pre-K achievements usually do not last long.




Cet-4-1.19-Exercise 01

Are people suffering from gadget overload? Are they exhausted by the consumer equivalent of the brain fatigue – information overload – that is caused by constant updates of devices and online media? Underwriters Laboratories issued a report last week that found 48% of consumers “feel high-tech manufacturers bring new products to market faster than people need them.” What is the finding in Underwriters Laboratories’ report about many consumers?

A、They feel products are updated faster than needed.

B、They are especially wise in making investments.

C、They have good connections in the government.

D、They are tired of the constant updating of devices.



Cet-4-1.19-Exercise 02

The study, which followed more than 2,000 healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 60, found that certain mental functions – including measures of abstract reasoning, mental speed and puzzle-solving – started to dull as early as age 27. What does the new study find about mental functions?

A、They reach a peak at the age of 20 for most people.

B、Some of them begin to decline when people are still young.

C、They are immeasurable.

D、They are unpredictable.




Cet-4-1.20-Exercise 01

The most stressful thing about blue-collar life is knowing your job could disappear overnight. Issues like downsizing and overseas relocation had always seemed distant to me until my co-workers told me that the unit I was working in would shut down within six months and move to Mexico, where people would work for 60 cents an hour. What, according to the author, is most frustrating for blue-collar workers?

A、They do not have job security.

B、They have little interest in blue-collar life.

C、They show due respect for each other’s beliefs.

D、They have to work 12-hour shifts.



Cet-4-1.20-Exercise 02

Today, new problems have emerged in the process of resolving old ones, but the solution is not to go back to the past. Some people may long for an era when divorce was still hard to come by. The spread of no-fault divorce has reduced the bargaining power of whichever spouse is more interested in continuing the relationship. And the breakup of such marriages has caused pain for many families. What’s the result of no-fault divorce?

A、It causes little pain to either side.

B、It was cited by the Berkeley study as an example.

C、More pressure at peak time.

D、Divorce is easier to obtain.



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